It started with a pacifier.

Em Taylor might have just been a toddler, but the war was nevertheless on. It did not help matters that her sworn enemy, the pacifier-thief, became best friends with her big brother, forcing them to occupy the same areas on more than one occasion.

Would they ever declare peace or would they go on fighting forever?

SNAPSHOT is the story about a boy and a girl, brought together again and again by circumstance. The tale of Em and Matt is portrayed through moments, so called snapshots. The snapshots are interlaced to tell a story about love and hate, the emotional up and downs of life and the difficult task of growing up.


Josephin Ripa lives in Sweden where she works as a veterinarian. She has been writing as a hobby since she was old enough to hold a pen. Inspired by Nancy Drew when she was around 11, most of her stories at that point were of a detective/criminal nature. Later on the stories turned more romantic and Josephin started writing fanfiction for online readers.

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