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Category: AU M/L
Rating: MATURE
Summary: It started with a pacifier. Liz Parker might have just been a toddler, but the war was nevertheless on. It did not help matters that her sworn enemy, the pacifier-thief, became best friends with her big brother, forcing them to occupy the same areas on more than one occasion. Would they ever declare peace or would they go on fighting forever?

This story is supposed to be fairly uncomplicated (compared to my other stories). It's snapshots of Max and Liz's lives, having more or less grown up together. And then of course, there's the undeniable background noise that is Max and Liz. Since it's snapshots, it will jump in time. But I'm going to be very specific in dating the chapters and will try my best to not confuse you.

Category: AU M/L
Rating: Up to NC-17
Summary: Max Evans has been married for two years. He and his wife are blissfully happy and have a beautiful two-year-old, but this all changes one fateful night.
Liz Parker has a serious heart condition and without an immediate heart transplant she will die. Max and Liz's lives are about to change irreversibly by the actions of one drunk driver.

This story is based on a fantastic challenge by the even more fantastic Deejonaise. The challenge is based on the movie "Return to Me", that I saw first after having finished the story.
A special thank you to Elizabeth (Gigo) for beta-reading.



mnemosynebutton prodigal



Category: M/L
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Everything up to and including "The Departure" has happened (with some minor alterations) – or did it? Six years after a shooting incidence at the Crashdown in Roswell, New Mexico, Liz Parker is attending college with her best friend Maria DeLuca, and Liz is haunted by dreams. Dreams of a dark-haired boy she used to have biology classes with in high school. As the dreams continue to interrupt her life, Liz starts to question her reality and what she knows is true.

Was no one injured that day in September or do Liz's dreams about her being shot and healed by the secretive boy harbor some truth?

Category: M/L
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Following the alteration to Liz and Maria's memory, the I-know-an-Alien-Club is forced to live with the consequences and adjust to a life where pretending that two of their friends are strangers becomes reality.

Due to the numerous questions left unanswered in "Mnemosyne's Daughter" I decided to write a companion piece, portraying the situation from Max's (and the rest of the gang) side.

broken wings

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brokenbutton kiss me



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Authors: Anais Nin (a.k.a Lynn) and max and liz believer (a.k.a Josephin)
Category: AU M/L
Up to NC-17
Summary: Max and Liz vowed to stay best friends forever, and to never let each other down. Yet nothing ever lasts forever and feelings tend to change - develop. Max doesn't want to lose his lifelong friendship; he doesn't want to lose Liz. He thinks he knows her, but there's more than what meets the eye…

Agonizing slowly, but surely, they drift apart, separated by their secrets – his feelings for her, and her home situation. Then, one night, Liz shows up at his window, sobbing uncontrollably, covered in blood. She begs him to come away with her, leave Roswell with him. And so they flee into the night, leaving everything and everyone behind…

This story is based on a challenge by Ripley and was originally based on the song "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride. The titel "Broken Wings" is from another one of Martina McBride's songs. This fic is partly about abuse, and at some instances it can be pretty dark and depressing. When it gets really difficult, just remember that we are both big dreamers, and this fic is blessed with a definite lovely Dreamer Insurance.

Category: AU M/L
Rating: TEEN
Summary: A kiss between two strangers

"Kiss Me" by Six Pence None the Richer was played on the radio and this popped into my head. A short one-parter.

solar eclipse

Banner made by ChrissyP47
solarbutton workings of destiny

Banner made by borderinsanity (Jen)


Category: M/L
Rating: PG-13 up to mild NC-17
Summary: Everything up to "Max in the City" has happened. Liz is starting to get sick and no one knows what's wrong. Simultaneously, she is haunted by nightmares - are they premonitions of the future or just dreams?

Category: With focus on M/L, but also C/C
Rating: PG-13 up to R for language and sexual content
Summary: This fic is based on a challenge by Dia (the girl with the many ideas). It basically is a love story with some complications.

lethal whispers lethalbutton unbreakable unbreakable

Category: M/L, AU
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Elizabeth Parker was special. Strange things had happened to her during her childhood, but she had repressed them all to a state of denial. It was all safely tucked away until someday something happened, and she found herself in deep danger...

This fic is based on a challenge by Dia. There are some aspects in the challenge that I need to fulfill – but otherwise I have no clue myself to where this fic will end up, as with all of my other fics.

Category: M/L, AU
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Max, Michael and Isabel were part of the rich and popular crowd at Roswell High. The intelligent, yet respected, Liz moved in different circles, preferably avoiding the aforementioned trio at all costs. Until that Halloween party, which changed everything.

Liz used to joke about there being something different and dark about the beautiful triad; what if she was right? What if the small town in New Mexico hid terrible secrets and repeatedly silenced the truth? Had a small town girl stumbled upon a dangerous cover-up?

Note: The link above is to the first two parts of a trilogy. The third and final installment is called UNBREAKABLE - SURVIVING THE TRUTH

unbreakable - surviving the truth    

Category: M/L, AU
Rating: ADULT
Summary: UNBREAKABLE - SURVIVING THE TRUTH is the tale of lost civilizations, aliens, hybrids, secrets, and the forced bridge between two worlds. But mostly, it's about love. The forbidden love between a hybrid boy and a human girl.




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